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Ester our profession

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Rémy Vaysse wood & shavings
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Jean-Julien Urbain partnerships & perspectives
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Lucie advice & ideas
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Clément Bouvier interior work & third type
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Philippe Blanc logistics & decibels
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Cécile management & more management

ester is attentive to your needs. Meet a team whose range of outlooks makes it capable of imagining premises differently and promoting changes in how they are used.

ester offers you simple and customised solutions to match your needs and keep to your budget.

ester conducts turnkey development operations.

Adjusting work practices and bringing out the full potential of each person’s activity in the best conditions – that is precisely where ester’s expertise and know-how lies as it turns ideas into real solutions. ester will accompany you from the architectural dimension through to the human perceptions that result:

Observing the officescape

  • Officescape
  • Natural environment
  • Garden
  • Organisation
  • Collective
  • Individual
  • Building
  • Space
  • Work-station
Essence of ester