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ester’s breeding ground for the new

illustrations de la chaîne du bois, de la forêt au mobilier, son utilisation puis sa revalalorisation et son recyclage

ester accompanies you in devising and implementing solutions in line with our convictions according to the following criteria:


proposing products that are economically designed and developed in partnerships around France or in our region. ester publishes solutions in partnership with architects, designers and the Pyrenees timber industry.


means fewer miles: favouring local and ecologically responsible production with the will to see a change in practices. An approach that involves an accurate identification of needs, analysis of reality and preference for a revamping of the existing furniture.


more in less means cutting consumption, but doing so better and sustainably by making investments that enhance collective performance and the quality of life at work.


taking into account the lighting conditions, the acoustics, the posture and other factors for the person at work. Facilitating the appropriation of tools with the best expert on working conditions, the one who performs the gestures every day.


proposing developments that are sober and in harmony with the people, the materials used and the places accommodating them.

reducing with sobriety of needs and materials
re-using with an identical functionality
adapting creates a new function

The thinking that guides us is based on anticipating applications as simple as working with natural materials, supporting and developing a reasoned and locally based economy, preferring sustainability to programmed obsolescence, circularity to linearity.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.
Discover ester’s convictions that define the 5E charter.
My idea was that we needed to offer comprehensive solutions, just as a fridge or car manufacturer produces a complete object. All the elements that make it up are in principle mutually coherent, they harmonise, they assemble. Jean Prouvé