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The floorspace

Imagine an office habitat thought out as a kind of Eden where everyone can focus fully on their work and the actions they have to perform. A place you shape in your own image so you can serenely devote your full attention to your professional activities. It’s simply up to you to invent this new location.


More in Less – it can be done!ester designs intelligent solutions that will allow you to concentrate volumes and optimise movements.


What could be simpler than informal places that lead you from your private garden through to the courtyard shared with your peers. Spaces dedicated to encounters, to exchanges between colleagues or of a private nature. In short, places where interactions can materialise in the most unexpected ways.


These veritable peninsulas, havens of intimacy, are designed for thinking things out, leaving the crowd behind or protecting others from the odd outbreak and possible disturbance caused by a raised voice, laughter or animated discussion. They shape and structure areas that become real spaces for exchange and co-operation when there is a need to meet up in twos, threes or fours.


Whether pitch theatres or agoras, etc., these large-format meeting areas may turn into something resembling campus spaces where the participants can liven things up. We seek to make these areas friendly and open fora so exchanges can be fostered and ideas released and shared by the group.


Making the most of breaks thanks to dedicated locations, transforming such areas in relation to the ways they are actually used at different times during the day’s work. That’s the simple idea that gives these areas their real interest: that of being modular and, where possible, able to nourish both body and mind as users’ tastes change on the spur of the moment. It will be up to each person to define the flexibility of these living spaces.


We have a philosophy of designing protected areas or ones for cocooning, safe-feeling and extra-ordinary worlds to better enter into a form of resonance with oneself or to calmly think through those fundamental issues. Nurturing one’s ideas or remaining contemplative… it is essential to conceive of places charged with positive energy favourable to the development of every individual’s creative capacities.