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The essence of ester

Plants and animals alike choose a site that best suits them, devising the best system of exchange for the least possible effort Gilles Clément


Ester accompanies you in the decisions and actions to be adopted to lead to an economy based on the notion of “caring”. We’re talking about respecting the objectives, the budget and the people involved in a holistic and adaptable approach that can be modified as necessary.


Paratge is a term from the Occitan language that designated both the sense of honour, courtly love, respect for oneself and others (regardless of gender, race, religion or social origin) and negation of the law whereby the strongest must prevail.

This notion of “peerage” therefore means seeking out areas of collective intelligence, for the best experts in work conditions are often those who create them every day, together with those who actually work in them. The solutions result from the choices for implementation and the ability of users to make the projects their own. It’s also about succeeding in converting forecasts as to needs and facilitating the deployment of uses. Tomorrow will be built differently to yesterday.


Working from your criteria, ester develops a whole network of opportunities that lead on to choices and then different types of solutions. It is our ability to pool our thinking, broaden our discussions and challenge your practices that enables us to interpret the unplanned interventions of daily life. We thus find solutions derived from the alphabet of common sense that lend themselves to all constraints and all locations (unlimited or horizon-less).

ester's breeding ground for the new